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Other Activities

Prince of Wales Island offers more than fishing! There is always something exciting to see while exploring this beautiful place we call home. Our island also offers many walking trails and boardwalks, fish ladders, viewing platforms over waterfalls and many scenic vistas.

Ancient Sites

If you long to know more about the ancients who once walked these woods you can visit a historic native village, nearly untouched by the modern world dating back to the 1860’s. You won’t see tour buses at the trail-head, just a friendly native community. The native site is an easy half mile walk leading directly to the foot of hand-carved totems and a mysterious clan house. This ancient settlement is nestled right along a gorgeous stretch of southeast Alaska beachfront. With the totems overlooking the water, you can enjoy a picnic at this unique place of history.

Salt Chuck Mine

Salt Chuck Mine is an abandoned copper and palladium mine from the early 1900s. Presently there are remnants of a number of structures at the site. Also intriguing to see are the remains of large Fairbanks-Morse deisel engines. If you spend time scouring the beachfront and nearby forests, you will be surprised at the treasures left behind. Large ore carts still on the tracks, the skeleton of an old grader, a gigantic grinder, and much more. To reach the site there is about a half mile hike, ending at the mine remains nicely positioned on large sandy beach.

Hiking Trails

The U.S. Forest Service has created many hiking trails on Prince of Wales Island. Some of our favorites include the Beaver Falls Karst Trail, One Duck Traill, Balls Lake Trail and El Capitan Caves. These are only a few found on the island.

Beaver Falls Trail is an interpretive trail showcasing some of the Karst formations such as sink-holes, deep vertical pits and disappearing streams can be seen from the trail. This is an easy 1.4 mile walk.

One Duck Trail is for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge! This trail is a 2 1/2 mile hike that climbs 1100 feet. At the base of the trail you will walk through a forest of hemlock and cedar, as you near the top the views are incredible. Once you’ve reached the peak you’ll be well-pleased to rest in the shelter and enjoy the immense view. High alpine grasses and muskeg ponds invite you to continue on once the trail has ended!

Whale Watching

Humpback, Grey whales and Orcas frequent our waters as well as Dalls Porpise, Steller Sealions, Harbor Seals and Sea Otters. These can be seen and enjoyed from the beach or skiff. We also offer whalewatching and sealife viewing trips on board the Alpha & Omega our 26′ charter boat.


Prince of Wales is home to huge numbers of Bald Eagles, King Fishers, Puddle Ducks, Sea Ducks, Spruce Grouse, Trumpeter Swans and many other common species of birds. Photographing Eagles in the nest or a Kingfisher diving on its prey is a great time that you can take home with you and enjoy for years to come.

Beach Combing

This is a exciting for people of all ages. Low tide will expose tide pools showcasing creatures unseen at other times of the day. From purple and orange starfish to gooey sea cucumbers its like a treasure hunt in each and every tide pool.  This is especially thrilling for youngsters who’ve never experienced ocean life.