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Your Hosts

We, Jason and Trish, started Adventure Alaska Southeast, LLC soon after we were married in 1997.  At the time, the local economy was turning its focus from logging (which is what brought Trisha’s family here when she was a youngster) to other means of sustaining island life. The thought that others might want to come tour our island was almost unimaginable to us in the beginning but we started small; just two cottages and three boats. Thankfully within a few years Adventure Alaska became a full time job and two children were added to our family (Curtis and Rachel).  Growing up with “guests” visiting us all summer gave the kids many chances to interact and share their favorite local adventures with the many new friends. One favorite family story tells of our daughter at about 3 years old sitting at her grandparents kitchen table with company. When they asked if she goes fishing she proudly responded  “Well, we are fishorhunt.com!”

Our kids were blessed to be raised on our beautiful island fishing, hunting and exploring. The kids both have harvested Sitka Blacktail deer, King salmon and all other fish species. At the age of 10 Curt harvested his first black bear.

As soon as they were old enough for responsibilities they began working during the summers helping out with the family business. Curt had a special stool built by his great grandpa giving him the height he needed to reach the lid of the vacuum sealer. He put in quite a few hours on that stool as he vacuum sealed fish every evening. As he grew and his skill level improved he learned how to train others on boat and car cleaning then moved into rebuilding lower units and wrenching on all sorts of stuff. He’s now in college and well on his way to a Mechanical Engineering degree!  

Rachel spent countless hours making beds, scrubbing the charter boat and cleaning cottages over her growing up years. Getting her own paycheck was something worth working hard for. She’s now learning how to do the office work as well. Her people-personality and humorous outlook on life keep us and her co-workers laughing a good deal of the time!  

Over the years you, our guests, have become more than just clientele, you have become friends! It brings us joy to greet familiar faces each summer as you climb off the floatplane for another year of fishing and adventure. This isn’t just work for us, we truly enjoy the outdoors and would love to share our piece of Alaska with you!