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How to Get Here

Leave the crowds behind, fly by floatplane over dramatic southeast Alaska. The DeHaviland floatplanes give the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time as the engines roar, you gain speed and lift off the water to gain altitude. Below are tiny fishing boats, mountain tops and miles of coastline. Behind you are the crowded tourist shops and ahead of you lies Prince of Wales Island. Untouched, quiet streams await your arrival in the small town of Thorne Bay in less than 40 minutes.

How to get here:

You must reach Ketchikan via Alaska Airlines. Seattle is the jumping-off point for getting to Ketchikan for most USA flights. Some international flights will route to Ketchikan through Anchorage. No matter where in the world you call home, you will have to connect with Ketchikan before taking a floatplane or ferry to Prince of Wales Island, the final leg of your trip. We recommend the floatplane as it is the fastest way to complete your journey. Many of our guests arrive with enough time to get hours of fishing in on their first day. If you have your own plane (as some of our guests do) you can also utilize the airport in Klawock and we can pick you up there.

Our small town of Thorne Bay holds the historic title of the World’s Largest Logging Camp.

What began as a logging camp back in the early 1960’s is now one of the newest cities in Alaska, incorporated in 1982. The timber industry kept the small town booming with a whopping population of around 600 until the final timber sale was completed in 2001. Now the population hovers around 500 residents. The school enrolls about 75 students Kindergarten through 12th grade.  

Today Thorne Bay is home to the local school district, a large Forest Service complex, some small fishing lodges, the barge terminal that services the entire island, small owner-operated saw mills and other small businesses.

Local Services

Local services include Thorne Bay Market (we think it’s the best grocery store on the island),  liquor store and hardware store; general merchandise, boat fuel, convenience store, gas, diesel and post office at The Port. Thorne Bay Cafe is a delicious stop for lunch or dinner.

Alaska Airlines:

www.alaskaair.com 1-800-252-7522

From Seattle you can expect a 90-minute flight to Ketchikan, Alaska. Once you’re in Ketchikan the airport is small and all you have to do is pick-up your luggage at baggage carousel #1 –the only baggage carousel! Next, look behind you to see Pacific Airways floatplane service counter. Keep your camera out for the scenic 30-minute flight to Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island, where we will be waiting to meet you at the dock.

Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy:

1 – to 2 Bags: $25.00 each
3  or more: $75.00  Note: Alaska Airlines may change prices at any time. For current and complete details click here

FISH BOXES: On the day of your departure, we will put your fish or game in a wax lined fish box and strap it for airline travel. (It is weighed not to exceed the 50lb limit.) Fish boxes can be checked as regular baggage.

2019 Alaska Airlines prices for fish boxes-

1 Box- $30

2 Boxes-$40 

3 Boxes and more-$100 each


 Alaska Airlines, Horizon, and SkyWest flights have changed their carry-on size limit to 22” x 14” x 9” .

Pacific Airways Float Plane Service

If you have stayed with Adventure Alaska Southeast, LLC before, you know that Pacific Airways is our airline of choice. They have superior customer service and have treated our guests well for many years. When you have made your Alaska Airline reservation into Ketchikan you will then need to contact us with your flight number, guest names, weights, and arrival times so we can arrange your flights for you. Please copy this link to go to the form to fill out and email:


****Please note – You must arrive early enough into Ketchikan to catch your floatplane flight to Thorne Bay. The last flight to Thorne Bay departs 5:00PM. On your departure day you MAY OR MAY NOT be able to connect with Alaska Airlines first flight in the morning (Flight 60); the early flight out of Thorne Bay is weather dependent. Remember that you need to allow yourself time to get to Ketchikan. 8:30AM is usually the earliest you can get to the airport. Also good to know is the two Pacific Airways locations: at the Ketchikan Airport and the town location, 1621 Tongass Avenue.  

If you are flying directly out to Adventure Alaska, the Pacific Airways check-in counter is located adjacent to baggage claim at the airport. If you stay the night in Ketchikan, you can board your floatplane from their “Waterfront” location, any hotel shuttle can drop you at their check -in counter. 


2019 Lodge Rate Seat Fare $161 one way,  $322 round trip.
Only in effect if it is bought round trip.

Baggage and Fish Box allowance:

Passengers are allowed FORTY (40) POUNDS of baggage per person, regardless of number of bags. All items are weighed and count toward the allowance, including hand-carry items such as purses, laptops, backpacks, etc. No single item may exceed 50 linear inches (length+width+height); this equates to a standard 10″x16″x24″ carry-on bags permitted on major airlines. Fishing poles over 3′ are $25. Any one piece of baggage weighing 75 lbs or more is $100 plus excess baggage fees (which is $1 per pound).

Any baggage over this weight will be charged at per pound rate stated below. Passengers traveling on seat fares are allowed two fish boxes per person (50 pounds each) on the return flight to Ketchikan. Any fish boxes over this amount will be charged at the per box rate stated below. Coolers are charged at $1.00 a pound and are not considered a part of the allowed fish boxes. Coolers are discouraged by the float plane companies as they do not fit well in cargo compartments.

Excess Baggage Rate: $1.00 lb.
Excess Fish Box Rate: $50.00

Always remember our arrival and departure times when booking your flights! Arrive NO EARLIER than 1:00pm and depart NO LATER than 10:00am

Pacific Airways also offers charter flights that may better fit your schedule. Charter flights are only weight restricted by “gross weight.”(A max of 6 people or 1200 lbs.) Less people equals more baggage, meaning a group of four might want to charter a flight to save on excess baggage rates. Another example would be a group of six, flying with minimum baggage. Some of our guests accomplish this by shipping their stuff via the postal service. Call for more info.

2019 Charter Rate: $835.00

Inter-Island Ferry:


The Inter-Island Ferry Authority offers service between Ketchikan and Hollis. This is about a three hour cruise on the Inside Passage. You will arrive in Hollis on Prince of Wales Island about 50 miles from Thorne Bay. If you choose to come to the island via ferry, you will need transportation to Adventure Alaska. We charge $35.00 each way per person, minimum of four, to shuttle to or from the ferry. Please notify us as soon as you’ve made ferry reservations so that we can make arrangements to pick you up.

The Ferry Schedule

Daily Depart Hollis 8:00 AM – Arrive Ketchikan 11:00 AM
Daily Depart Ketchikan 3:30 PM – Arrive Hollis 6:30 PM

Departure and arrival times may vary due to weather conditions.

Driver Free from January 1 thru April 30

Ferry Pricing:

Adult – $48.75 (12-64 years)
Senior – $32.50 (65 & Older)
Child – $22.50 (2-11 years)
Under 2 years – FREE

First fish box is free. Additional fish boxes are $10 each.

Always check Inter Island Ferry Authority website for the most up-to-date pricing and schedule:


  1. Depart the ferry terminal and drive to Klawock (stop here and get grocery’s if you will need anything for the first night as the store in Thorne Bay will be closed when you arrive)
  2. Once in Klawock take a right heading towards Thorne Bay (just after the gas station)
  3. In 18 more miles you will come to a stop sign and have to choose left or right, choose right
  4. In another 17 miles you will enter Thorne bay….
  5. Once in Thorne Bay stick to the waterfront road (Shoreline Drive)
  6. You will pass two churches on the waterfront road
  7. Take a left after the churches and head up the hill
  8. Take the very next left and you will see Adventure Alaska
  9. The Ferry arrives Hollis approx 6:30 & you should get here about 8:15 + how ever long you shop in Klawock.

Other travel tips

Alaska Airlines allows two carry on bags as well as your checked baggage.. On your return flight fish boxes can be checked as regular baggage.

While booking flights online at times it is difficult to get the round trip flights you want. We sometimes find the exact flights we want by booking two one way flights. The same is true for air miles, also with air miles you will often find two separate one way flights for the minimum miles required whereas the round trip might cost more miles.

The Alaska Airline credit card has great travel benefits. Many of our guests as well as the Adventure Alaska Southeast, LLC team use this card for travel every year. It can significantly reduce travel expenses.

The card has an annual fee of $75.00 and upon approval they will give you 25,000 bonus miles. That is enough for one free ticket to Alaska. Another benefit is the “Travel companion ticket” this coupon allows the purchase of one full fare ticket and your companion only has to pay $121.00 plus taxes. (Usually about $22.00) Travel companion tickets come with a new card and are also given once a year upon renewal of card. This card also accrues miles for every dollar spent. We do not work for Visa but this information is just too good not to share! Many of our repeat guests fly for free every year. To take advantage of this great deal:www.myalaskacard.com

Staying overnight in Ketchikan:

Some guests like to spend an extra night in Ketchikan on the way to or from Adventure Alaska Southeast, LLC. Here are some contact numbers for hotels in Ketchikan. Some of these hotels offer discounts for guests traveling through Ketchikan to Adventure Alaska Southeast, LLC. Mention our name to check for current discounts.

Cape Fox 1-907-225-8001
The Landing 1-800-428-8304
Super8 1-907-225-9088 
My Place 855-200-5685
Edgewater Inn 907-247-2600