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Our Island

Coming to Prince of Wales Island means leaving the crowds behind. Fly by float plane over dramatic southeast Alaska. The DeHavilland float planes give the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time as the engines roar, you gain speed and lift off the water to gain altitude. Below are tiny fishing boats, mountain tops and miles of coastline. Behind you are the cruise ships & crowded tourist shops and ahead of you lies Prince of Wales Island. Untouched, quiet streams await your arrival. We like the fact that the island is remote, yet only 30 minutes from the nearest airport.

Upon arrival you will notice the steep, forested mountains (2,000-3,000 feet high) carved by glacial ice which left deep valleys with streams, lakes, saltwater straits and bays. The forest is made up of Sitka spruce and western hemlock with some western red and yellow cedar, alder, and shore pine. At 60 miles wide by 120 miles long you will have plenty of exploring to do. The extensive road system winds through the evergreens and along the famous inside passage. With more roads then the rest of the Southeast Alaska region you will enjoy the endless river, lake and stream access.

Sitka black tailed deer and black bear are the primary game animals, and the island supports many packs of wolves. During the month of June mother deer and their tiny, spotted fawns can be seen along the roads as they take their first steps on wobbly legs! Eagles are a common sight and waterfowl abound. Bear are often spotted along the shores and on the riverbanks fishing for salmon. Abundant supplies of salmon, trout, and steelhead can be found in the streams. Many people fish the salt water for the five species of salmon, or for halibut, yellow eye, ling cod and other bottom fish. Humpback and killer whales are spotted during migration and feeding in the summer. Although we have lived here for many years, we never tire of watching them as they dive and feed.

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