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The following information is provided to help you plan for fishing on the streams and saltwater. Please remember that we pride ourselves on customer service, even if you are choosing our self-guided package or your fishing skills are a little bit rusty we won’t just show you where to fish, we will also show you first hand everything you need and help you get all rigged up so that you can hit the streams with confidence!

Fly Fishing

Fly-casting is fun and rewarding, larger patterns work better as our water tends to be darker, swing fishing is key to catching Steelhead, roll casting will be necessary on some creeks and a fast strip is sure to put a salmon on your line.

Spin Fishing

Spin-fishing is fun from child to adult, novice to pro. It is a great way to learn and kids pick up on it in a hurry. We recommend different weight spinners depending on water conditions and species that you will be targeting. Salmon prefer an egg simulants such as the “Old Salts Silver Slayers” (available locally) or the vibrax spinners. Our most popular are #3’s and #4’s with silver blade and pink or orange bell. Steelhead prefer a jig & a bobber on a dead drift and trout will suck down anything that resembles eggs, flesh or salmon smolt. Remember everything we recommend is available in our tackle store.

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater bottom fishing is usually done on a slow drift with a 5 to 6 foot rod, we use 16oz jigs with glow skirts. Many variations are available. For saltwater trolling you want to use a longer more limber rod with a small flasher, good swivels and a trolling or mooching rig with octopus hooks. Once again many variations are available.

DIY Fly Tying

Here is the Egg-Sucking Leach fly.